Version 5.0 - September 2015 - feat. Sailor Moon & friends

This page contains a list of all the resources used in the making of this layout, and their licenses if applicable. I urge you to check out these people's websites and see some more of their work.

Images & Design Resources Used

Banner photo is from Manga Style's Sailor Moon artbook scans. The picture itself was merged by Diana, and it is from the Original Picture Collection Vol II. It is unedited by me, since I found the colors to already be vibrant enough :)

I also used the "Sandstone" color theme from Bootswatch, with minor modifications by me.

Fonts Used

The main font used in this layout is the Roboto font.


Since I am (very) new to Bootstrap, I used some tutorials to help me with different aspects. Here are some good resources that I used, which helped me code this almost from scratch:
I unfortunately cannot help you if you have any questions related to Bootstrap.


If you are the owner of any of these works used in this layout and wish to have them removed from this website, please click the Contact button above and let me know immediately. I am using these items for my website on the belief that I am using them correctly as their licenses allow since my website is not commercial, but please contact me if you are the owner of the resource and feel I am not using it correctly. Please note this site is a personal endeavour and I do not make any money at all as a result of running this website - in other words I make ZERO dollars from this site.
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