Important Notice! Please Read

My trade form is currently acting strange, and will allow trades to go through even if it displays a rejection message. If your trade offer is rejected by the system but you are sure that you picked cards from my trade pile and typed everything correctly, check the Pending trades section of my tradepost to see if your trade actually went through. If it's listed in the Pending section, then the trade definitely went through and I have been notified about it. Otherwise, feel free to use the contact form instead.

Also my eTCG won't allow me to send emails with cards anymore. When I accept your trade I'll manually send you the cards unless you tell me otherwise.

Trade Policies
This should answer any questions you have about trades with me :)
  • Response time: Right now I usually can only respond to trades over the weekend. Please be patient <3
  • Special cards: In general I prefer to trade special cards worth-for-worth since special cards are a bit harder to find. But this can vary depending on the TCG so always feel free to ask! (Example: you give me a card worth 2, you can request either one card worth 2 or two cards worth 1 each.)
  • I keep pending trades for 2 weeks with no contact, at which time I will usually withdraw the trade.

Alternative Contact Method!
I prefer to get trades via the trade form, but if there are issues or you have a general inquiry, please use my contact form instead.
Launch the Contact Form

I will honor requests in the order I receive them regardless of how it is sent (via email, contact form, etc.)