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Panoptic Stats

Name: Deanna
Join Date: August 15, 2015
Card Worth: 70 / Card Count: 70
Last Update: August 29, 2015
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Event Cards & Member Cards

Event Cards Member Cards
There are currently no cards under this category. There are currently no cards under this category.


adamlambert-trespassing1 (5/20)

withintemptation-unforgiving1 (2/20)

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There are currently no cards under this category.



Activity Log

August 29, 2015
- Wish (MACBOOK) - adamlambert-trespassing111, ashleytisdale-bello105, evanescence-opendoor116, auroraborealis109, conjuring-poster106, withintemptation-unforgiving116, emmawatson-lubomirski102
- New Decks: emmastone-mcdean115, emmastone-mcdean102, scarlettjohansson-dolcegabbana104, scarlettjohansson-dolcegabbana117, jupiterascending-promo106, jupiterascending-promo114, onedirection-four214, ouat-mother120, hersheypark-supermoon101

August 16, 2015
- Puzzle: captamerica2-poster105, withintemptation-heartof115, victoriaschwab-unbound117, danielradcliffe-saint109, emperorsnewgroove-promo117, tmicityofbones-poster106, $50
- Slots: tylerposey-lesleybryce114, birthday117, findingnemo-poster107, underwater103, cassandraclare-clockworkangel119, ashleytisdale-bello114, rosslynch-concert102, garretthedlund-mattbrookes119
- Memory: snowflake110, ornaments114, harrypotter1-poster104, newyork108, $10
- Can... You... Hear... Me...?: friday13th-poster101, palomafaith-falltograce118, hedgehog116, niagarafalls101, wow-thrall117
- Eye See You: tylerhoechlin-augustman104, hawaiifive0-promo120, lotr1-poster113, poi-johnreese103
- Card Claim (August 16): withintemptation-unforgiving105, withintemptation-heartof105
- Upcoming Decks Vote: iceland114, lostgirl-foodforthought104, scarlettjohansson-annieleibovitz103
- Spin the Wheel (Star): austinally-recwreck112, captamerica2-poster103 , $50
- Hangman: morganville-promo111, snowflake116, inception-promo219
- Freebies: nebula-butterfly104, emmawatson-glamour107, avengers-poster107
- Melting Pot: Traded my chicagofire-kellyseveride210 for captamerica2-poster218
- Melting Pot: Traded my lostgirl-foodforthought117 for adamlambert-trespassing107
- Guess the Number: doctorwho-cover710, vampirediaries-promo109
- Blackjack: doctorwho-cover401, lostgirl-foodforthought117

August 15, 2015
- Starter Pack: adamlambert-trespassing108, adamlambert-trespassing116, adamlambert-trespassing120, rotterdam-markthal109, tmicityofbones-poster114, firefly-poster119, hawaiifive0-promo113, masonjarlanterns120, chicagofire-kellyseveride210, newyork102

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