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February 19, 2016
- Pick a random: ladytramp12, ponyo03, alice
- Spin the Wheel: ladytramp-lady05, aiwonderland-alice16, aristocats09, toystory-woody18
- Slots: bighero6-baymax04, tinkerbell18, ponyo18, despicableme-minions04, batb-beourguest15, sbeauty07
- Memory: lionking-hakunamatata06, httyd-gettingcloser14, eldorado-altivo04, anastasia-onceupon14, cinderella2, aurora, alice
- Upcoming Decks Vote: tangled13, iceage-manny20
- Melting Pot: exchanged in batb-beourguest06 for littlemermaid12
- Card Claim: littlemermaid-ariel13, littlemermaid18
- Currency Freebies: cinderella2, jasmine, aurora, cinderella2
- Freebies: aiwonderland-teaparty06, tinkerbell09, pocahontas-riverbend18, hercules-iwontsay04, despicableme-minions15, despicableme01
- New Decks: aladdin-jasmine02, batb-belle10, cinderella06, littlemermaid-ariel01

February 03, 2016
- February Forum Freebies: anastasia-onceupon13, walle06, wreckitralph-vanellope12, frozen-elsa01, frozen-elsa18, anastasia-onceupon08, frozen-elsa10
- Card Swap: tangled02, tangled10, toystory-woody20, toystory02, up02 for findingnemo-crush20, findingnemo17, tangled20, bighero618, guardians-toothfairy02
- Blackjack: tinkerbell16, aiwonderland-alice13, aiwonderland-alice09, junglebook-baloomowgli08, ariel
- Guess the Number: littlemermaid03, bighero6-baymax15, hbond-esmeralda03, cinderella
- Go Fish (3 card matches!): hercules-iwontsay15, aiwonderland-alice03, mulan-illmakeaman01, findingnemo20, findingnemo07, tinkerbell02

February 02, 2016
- Pick a random: mulan04, iceage-icecave19, giselle
- Spin the Wheel: batb-beourguest06, iceage-icecave20, lilostitch-rollercoaster06, lionking-beprepared03
- Slots: sbeauty03, up02, mulan-illmakeaman13, batb-thecurse06, aiwonderland-alice14, madagascar13
- Memory: httyd-settingyoufree17, bighero6-baymax07, frozen17, lilostitch-rollercoaster07, giselle, jasmine, ariel
- Upcoming Decks Vote: littlemermaid02, toystory-woody20
- Melting Pot: exchanged in hbond-esmeralda18 for batb-thecurse09
- Card Claim: aiwonderland-alice10, findingnemo08
- Card Claim: aiwonderland-teaparty11, tinkerbell14
- Currency Freebies: cinderella, jasmine, aurora, cinderella
- Freebies: ladytramp02, frozen-elsa15, ponyo05, tangled-maximus14, madagascar13, hercules-megara15
- Wish (Alecks/RETURN): aiwonderland-alice02, aiwonderland-teaparty14, tinkerbell11, mulan-mulan05, batb-thecurse02, anastasia01
- New Decks: up02, up05, bighero6-baymax11, findingnemo18

January 26, 2016
- Card Swap: aristocats08, batb-beourguest05, batb-beourguest16, bighero605, eldorado11 for tangled10, iceage-manny06, hbond-esmeralda18, mulan-mulan15, despicableme-minions19
- Card Puzzle: junglebook-baloomowgli11, aiwonderland-teaparty01, toystory02, batb-beourguest16, belle
- Puzzle: littlemermaid15, tangled-ihaveadream07, tinkerbell04, cinderella
- Spin the Wheel: ponyo13, tinkerbell19, ponyo09, ladytramp19
- War: ponyo19, iceage-icecave11, httyd02, littlemermaid15, aurora, jasmine
- Slots: mulan-mulan19, ponyo07, mulan-mulan04, httyd-gettingcloser16, mulan-rescue05, ladytramp-lady03
- Memory: wreckitralph-vanellope03, findingnemo-crush19, aiwonderland-alice19, mulan-illmakeaman07, snowwhite, pocahontas, alice
- Upcoming Decks Vote: aiwonderland-teaparty20, pocahontas-riverbend19
- Melting Pot: exchanged in iceage-manny08 for aiwonderland-teaparty16
- Melting Pot: exchanged in httyd-settingyoufree02 for aiwonderland-alice13
- Card Claim: tinkerbell08, aiwonderland-alice11
- Currency Freebies: ariel, pocahontas, snowwhite, alice (4 total)
- Freebies: aiwonderland-teaparty05, iceage-icecave01, incredibles01, batb-beourguest05, batb-thecurse17, mulan-mulan19

January 24, 2016
- Starter Pack: aiwonderland-alice15, aiwonderland-alice04, aiwonderland-alice20, aiwonderland-alice06, aiwonderland-alice08, bighero605, guardians-easterbunny17, pocahontas-riverbend19, guardians-easterbunny05, walle10, frozen12, iceage-manny08, toystory-woody08, eldorado18, iceage-icecave10, pocahontas-riverbend01, mulan-illmakeaman07, frozen07, iceage-manny15, tangled02, aristocats08, ladytramp-lady09, anastasia10, hbond-esmeralda18, tinkerbell15, httyd17, eldorado11, httyd15, tangled-maximus03, httyd-settingyoufree02
February 17, 2016
- Traded Samu: my frozen17, hbond-esmeralda18, hercules-iwontsay15, pocahontas-riverbend01, sbeauty03, mc-Deanna for aiwonderland-alice05, aiwonderland-alice12, aiwonderland-alice18, aiwonderland-teaparty02, batb-beourguest07, mc-Samu

February 13, 2016
- Traded Stellar: my pocahontas-riverbend19, batb-beourguest06 for aiwonderland-teaparty03, aiwonderland-teaparty19
- Traded Bree: my frozen12, mc-Deanna for aiwonderland-alice16, mc-Bree

February 06, 2016
- Traded Flashgirl: my junglebook-baloomowgli08, mc-Deanna for aiwonderland-teaparty08, mc-Flashgirl

January 31, 2016
- Traded Fina: my toystory-woody08, frozen07 for aiwonderland-teaparty06, aiwonderland-teaparty13
- Traded Stellar: my littlemermaid15 for aiwonderland-alice03
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