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Folklore Stats

Name: Deanna
Join Date: August 23, 2015
Card Worth: 59 / Card Count: 52
Last Update: September 24, 2015
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bloodymary (4/15)


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Activity Log

August 29, 2015
- Wish (5 Randomizer Cards): bloodymary09, thenutcracker03, gulliver13, talesoflongago04, nibelungenlied15
- Wish (INSIDE OUT): lilith13, moonrabbit14, sirens08, aliceinwonderland05, bloodymary11, sp-annestokes09, thesnowqueen12, unicorns04, ghosts08
- Wish (PIXEL): peterpan01, oyuki04, phoenix05, dreamcatcher14, kali02

August 26, 2015
- Gifts of gods: gryphons01, orientaldragons10, firebird12 and one random coupon
- Find the pea: osiris13, selkie09, sp-sleepyhollowtv06
- Mnemosyines tricks: ouija05, trolls02
- Do you know?: pecosbill04, sp-guardians08
- Boogyman's hand: fenrir12, onmyoji06, moonrabbit10
- Puzzle: mephistopheles06, p-1001nights01
- New Decks (Special): mf-deities02, sp-labyrinth07, sp-iwtv04
- New Decks: archangels06, archangels10, pecosbill13, walpurgisnight03, griselda02, p-littlegolem07, p-littlegolem08, p-mirror05

August 23, 2015
- Starter Pack: bloodymary14, bloodymary04, beholder08, manticore02, talesoflongago02, tarrasque11, sp-ouat01

Trading Log

September 16, 2015
- Traded erin: my onmyoji06, selkie09, sp-labyrinth07 for p-littlegolem03, p-mirror09, mf-deities01