About Pibb Xtra

Pibb Xtra is a soda manufactured by The Coca Cola Company in the United States, beginning in 1973. It was originally called Mr. Pibb; however, in 2001 it underwent a reformulation and was renamed to Pibb Xtra, and the new formulation (which included an added cinnamon flavor) replaced Mr. Pibb. Since then, Pibb Xtra has become available in many places throughout the United States including restaurants, grocery stores, and vending machines.

If you have never tried Pibb, it is comparable to Dr. Pepper - in fact, its original name was Dr. Pibb to compete with Dr. Pepper, but Coca Cola was forced to change the name to Mr. Pibb because of its strong similarity to Dr. Pepper's trademark.

What About Mr. Pibb?

Mr. Pibb - the former incarnation of Pibb Xtra - has been phased out in most places. If you ever see the Mr. Pibb logo on a vending machine or at a soda fountain, chances are the soda inside is actually Pibb Xtra, and the label just hasn't been updated.

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