Version 3.0 - July 2015 - LIGHTS This page contains a list of all the resources used in the making of this layout, and their licenses if applicable. I urge you to check out these people's websites and see some more of their work.

Images Used

Banner photo taken by Matt Barnes. The person in the picture is Lights Poxleitner (known as LIGHTS). I am not affiliated with her in any way, I am just a huge fan. Give her music a listen!

Background Image

Floral Fabric Pattern #1 From Floral Fabric Patterns set by sofi01 at deviantART.

Fonts Used


I used a couple of tutorials in the making of this layout.


If you are the owner of any of these works used in this layout and wish to have them removed from this website, please click the Contact button above and let me know immediately. I am using these items for my website on the belief that I am using them correctly as their licenses allow since my website is not commercial, but please contact me if you are the owner of the resource and feel I am not using it correctly. Please note this site is a personal endeavour and I do not make any money at all as a result of running this website - in other words I make ZERO dollars from this site.