Version 2.0 - June 2014
This page contains a list of all the resources used in the making of this layout, and their licenses if applicable.

Fonts Used

Questrial by Admix Designs
Source / License

Roboto by Christian Robertson
Source / License

Biko by Marco Ugolini [used in banner image]
Source / License: free for personal use

Images Used

Reference for Holy Grail banner (colors and design) provided by the artwork "Holy Grail" by SayurixSama on deviantArt (source)

Upside-down crescent moon image adapted from free clip art created by Darby Buckley (source)


If you are the owner of any of these works used in this layout and wish to have them removed from this website, please click the "Contact" button above and let me know immediately. I am using these items for my layout on the belief that I am using them correctly as their licenses allow, but please contact me if you are the owner of the image and feel I am not using them correctly.