This page contains a list of all the resources used in the making of this layout (v 1.0, February 2014).

Please see the links on each of these resources for more information. All of these resources are being used for personal, non-commercial uses, as you can see on this website. If you are the author of any of these resources and have a problem with their usage here on Night Explosion, please contact me immediately. However, to the best of my knowledge, I am using these items as their licenses allow.

Header image: Beautiful Girl Brunette Hair by Karen Arnold
Resource link: Public Domain Pictures
License type: Public domain
I chose this specific image because it kind of looks like me ^_^

Header image font: ArtBrush by Gary D. Jessey
Resource link: DaFont
License type: Freeware

Website font: Karla by Jonathan Pinhorn
Resource link: Font Squirrel or Google Fonts
License type: Free for commercial use (license available here)